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Anatomy of a bookmark in Rewind

  • Favicon and domain
  • Screenshot
  • Title
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Bookmark anatomy

Rewind is the solution to these situations

This blog post is really interesting, but I don’t have enough time to read it right now

Save it to your bookmarks, it will be easy to find on Rewind as soon as you’re ready, either in your daily digest or with the search engine.

I have so many bookmarks that I never re-open again

Rewind shows the bookmarks you saved on a specific date, so everyday you have a small amount of links to check, with thumbnails.

I saved a cool link yesterday but it’s lost because I have too many bookmarks

Open Rewind tomorrow, and click on yesterday’s day number, it will show right up with a thumbnail.

I don’t want to create an account on a website to manage my bookmarks

Rewind relies on your local bookmarks, you don’t have to upload them anywhere and take the risk of losing them forever.

I just had a great idea I don’t want to forget

Pro tip: You can bookmark an idea! Type it in the address bar and press Enter, it will start a Google search that you can add to your bookmarks.

The search engine on my bookmark manager sucks

Rewind has an instant search, type your query and it will display the results in real time.

This website would look great on a desktop, but I’m on my mobile phone

Synchronize your bookmarks with your Google account, they will show up in Rewind no matter where you connect from.

I found a great website, but I’m at work

To separate your Work bookmarks from your Home bookmarks, create a Work profile on Google Chrome and synchronize it with your Work gmail account.